Vikrant Shaurya – Behind the BRAND: Pt. 3


Today in the GRIND seat, I have Founder and CEO Vikrant Shaurya of In this conversation, we discussed how Vikrant got started helping others write their best-selling book while building his own successful business.

Vikrant Shaurya is the CEO and founder of He is an internationally recognized Book Launch Expert and author of the #1 bestselling business book, How to Write a Bestseller. Acknowledged by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, he helps people who want to publish their books do so, even if they don’t have the time or skills to write one.  Vikrant is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and professionals bring their stories to life and produce a bestseller that can help skyrocket their business potential. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and first-time authors actualize their dreams by joining them in their self-publishing journeys through his courses, coaching, and done-for-you services.


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